One year ago Idomeni – one of the largest refugee camps in Europe since WWII – was evicted by Greek police forces. A few days before the eviction, I recorded a live video-walk through the entire camp to document the living situation of more than 10.000 refugees at this point.

Unfortunately, most people who were in Idomeni are still stuck in Greece – up to this very day! Due to the extremely slow procedures of the EU-relocation program, most of them have spent the entire last year in military camps under terrible if not alarmingly substandard living conditions.

I have been in close contact with many friends and families over these past months and spent much time in various camps to continue supporting them along with other volunteers. In the coming weeks, I will be posting some of my photo stories and updates on the current situation for refugees in Greece, which I have managed to document along the way. #NeverforgetIdomeni

Live photo documentary:

For those interested in more detailed information, I have also put together a Multimedia Live-Talk which I am happy to present in front of any kind of audience to raise awareness to past and current issues on the refugee crisis in Greece.
For further information and bookings, please visit: : IDOMENI – Between hope and despair

*Note: Please activate youtube captions to watch in English language.


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